How Much is an Emerald Worth: Features that Make it Valuable

Emerald is one of the most unique and beautiful gemstones to wear on your jewelry. Emerald belongs to the Beryl family of gemstones and always comes in green. Due to its rarity, emerald is very hard to get in large flawless pieces and is often lab created or heat treated to remove some of the inclusions and make it more vibrant. Just how expensive is emerald and how much is emerald worth?

Are emerald expensive?

Emerald is very expensive, especially natural emerald. This is mainly due to its rarity, beauty and popularity.

You will find there are plenty of emeralds available in small sizes, under 0.5 carat. Anything bigger than 1 carat is going to set you back quite a few dollars. The green shade of the emerald will also affect it’s worth. Deep, dark green emeralds are beautiful and will be slightly cheaper than their lighter, electric green shades. 

How much do emeralds cost?

A 1 carat emerald with little to no inclusions can cost anywhere from $10,000 per carat and upwards. It will be so hard to find a flawless natural emerald that it is no wonder they are so expensive 

A 1 carat natural emerald with inclusions may cost $4,000 per carat and upwards.

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How much are lab created emeralds worth?

Lab created emerald are still very much sought after, and to be honest, they are a stunning gemstone, so I can understand why everyone wants to be wearing emerald. 

Lab created emeralds are much cheaper than their natural counterparts, but they still remain one of the most expensive in the world of all gem types when artificially created.

What is the best shape for emerald?

There’s a reason there is a cut type called the emerald cut. Due to the crystal structure of emerald, it is best to facet emerald into rectangular, emerald cut, as it allows the light to pass through it better and also reduces wasted natural stone when getting cut by the faceter. This ensures maximum value is added to precious natural emerald gemstones.

Are emerald worth more than diamond?

While good quality emeralds are very expensive, they are still cheaper than flawless diamonds of similar size. For example, a 1 carat flawless diamond can cost $15,000 per carat and upwards. There are much more flawless, or VVS (very, very slight included) diamonds available to purchase than there are emeralds.

What is the most expensive emerald in the world?

The most expensive emerald known is an 18 carat gem from Columbia and valued at $5.5m USD, or $300,000 per carat. 

This is obviously an extraordinary amount of money, however if you are considering an emerald, prices will generally sit between $1,000 per carat and $5,000 per carat.

So there you have it. How much is emerald worth? A lot! Especially if you want the very best of quality with little to no inclusions.