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Is Topaz Good for Engagement Rings: Key Features That May Surprise You

So you are looking for alternatives for a diamond engagement ring and you are wondering if is topaz good for engagement rings?

Topaz is a great alternative for an engagement ring, especially for the budget conscious. Durability is a very important factor to keep in mind when choosing a gem for an engagement ring. You will want to wear your ring every day and therefore having a gem that is hard and less susceptible to scratches is quite important.

Topaz measures an 8 on the Mohs’ scale of hardness which means that while the Topaz is quite hard, it is less scratch resistant than a diamond, ruby or sapphire. However, Topaz is still harder than popular gems such as Aquamarine, Emerald, Morganite, and Garnet.

Gemmologist will talk about the refractive index of a gem which is sometimes called the ‘fire’ or sparkle of the gem. The refractive index of the Topaz is 1.61, which is lower than a sapphire (1.77) and far lower than a diamond (2.41). This means light passes through the Topaz much faster than a diamond, which produces less “fire” or sparkle. Therefore, if you want an engagement ring to sparkle vividly, then a diamond would be better than a Topaz.

What color Topaz is best for my engagement ring?

Topaz also comes in quite an array of colors, from golden-pinkish-browns to pink to blues.
Imperial Topaz or Precious Topaz is the rarest and most expensive topaz. It presents itself with golden-pinkish-brown colors.
Pakistan and Russia produce some of the world’s most beautiful pink topaz.
Blue Topaz from the Ural Mountains in Russia is quite rare and beautiful. Blue topaz is considered the most popular color of topaz. Blue Topaz is often broken down further into three descriptions of blue:

  • Sky Blue (light)
  • Swiss Blue (medium)
  • London Blue (dark)

While blue is the most popular color topaz for an engagement ring, golden-pinkish or pink color topaz will also be stunning.

What size Topaz is best for my engagement ring?

It is not uncommon to find 10 to 30-carat rough Topaz, which means faceted or cut Topaz can be commonly bought in 3 to 20-carat size, or up to about 20mm in length. This means that if you are seeking a large stone for your engagement ring and don’t want to fork out extraordinary prices for a large diamond, then Topaz is an ideal selection.

Which cut is best for my topaz engagement ring?

Emerald cut is the most popular followed by a brilliant round and then oval.

Is Topaz Expensive?

Topaz is generally much less expensive than other gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphire, ruby or emeralds.
As an alternative to diamond and sapphire, topaz provides an exceptional and budget-friendly option for an engagement ring. As discussed in (link) a high-quality clear or blue topaz for a ring can cost anywhere from $10 to $25 per carat. So a nice big 10-carat emerald cut blue topaz could be sought for under $300.
Topaz does not perform as well as diamond and sapphire in terms of resistance to scratch, so you may notice a few marks occurring after a lot of wear, however, it is considered a relatively sturdy gem and very hard which should gives you plenty of joy and attention in an engagement ring.

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