I'm Ryan, the heart and soul behind Stunning Blue. Residing in the vibrant city of Newcastle, Australia. I'm not just a gemstone enthusiast but a dedicated family man blessed with a beautiful wife and three energetic young boys.

My journey into the world of handmade jewellery and gemstones is not just a personal passion; it's a rich family heritage that dates back five generations.

Nestled in the gem-rich landscapes of New South Wales, my childhood in Inverell - fondly known as the "Sapphire City" - was surrounded by the allure of hand fossicking, a tradition deeply ingrained in my family.

At Stunning Blue, every piece tells a story, a story that is deeply rooted in my family's legacy. My collection is a tribute to the land I grew up in, featuring the finest argentium pro silver, renowned for its hypoallergenic qualities, as well as gold.

But the true stars of my collection are the stunning sapphires, topaz, emeralds, and other beautiful gemstones, each bearing the essence of Inverell's natural beauty.

The name 'Stunning Blue' is more than just a brand; it's a homage to the breathtaking blue sapphires that not only put Inverell on the map but also symbolise the depth and beauty of my family's journey through generations.

Each gemstone in my collection is found in the creeks by hand, ensuring that you take home a piece of Inverell's legacy.

I thought it would also be worth sharing an image of a beautiful blue sapphire that my grandfather found in the 80s in NSW, near Inverell, and had it cut and put in a ring for my grandmother - a whopper 5ct royal blue sapphire.

Join me in celebrating the beauty of the earth's treasures, crafted with care and steeped in generations of tradition.