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Tsavorite vs Emerald - Quality Features, Colors, and Much More

What a battle – tsavorite vs emerald! Two of my favorite precious green gemstones. The second most abundant color found naturally in gemstones is green. When it comes to the color green, there are a variety of stones to choose from. Some of these are tsavorite, emeralds, and green sapphires.

Emerald vs Tsavorite

Emerald is a well-known distinguished stone, making it a household name in jewelry. It is part of the Beryl family. The color green is found as a result of the small amounts of chromium or vanadium in the stones. Often seen with the classic emerald cut, it is known to provide a sense of romance. Emerald comes in at 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale and tends to show inclusions very easily. In fact, it’s extremely rare to find one that is free of inclusions.

Tsavorites are a sibling to the grossular garnets. The only similarity between tsavorites and emeralds is the trace amounts of chromium and vanadium found in them. While they do appear similar in physical features, the similarities stop here. Tsavorite garnet is named so because of the location it is found, in Tsavo National Park, at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya.

Tsavorites are much rarer than emeralds – approximately 200 times more rare. They also have a higher refractive index, which means they slow down the light traveling through them, giving them a magnificent sparkle. It measures 7-7.5 on the Mohs Scale just below emerald, but has a more stable structure. Emeralds tend to be a little more opaque than Tsavorites.

I firmly believe tsavorite garnet to be a much better looking and affordable option for those seeking an alternative to the expensive, and sometimes ‘dirty’ or included, emerald.

Is Tsavorite a good stone?

Absolutely yes – the rarity factor and other magnificent features imply that tsavorites are worth investing in for your jewelry.

Choosing between the two depends on your specific needs. For example, if you are looking for a rich, dark color, then emeralds would be great for you. But, if you want something low-maintenance and budget-friendly, Tsavorite would be the way to go. However, if you’re willing to offer more care, emeralds can be a great investment. While Tsavorites are relatively shinier, an Emerald will provide a sense of subtlety.

Is Tsavorite stone expensive?

Tsavorites are among the most expensive garnets, but they come in very small sizes, which allows the total cost of the stone to become more affordable than an emerald. The average price of a premium heirloom-quality Tsavorite starts from approximately $5000 per carat. Although a lower-quality piece may start at $100s dollars per carat. Typically you will find tsavorites no larger than 3 carats in size and predominantly in sizes of 0.5 carat to 2 carat making these beautiful green gemstones much more affordable than a decent size emerald.

Prices for tsavorites, much like all stones, depend upon their size and quality. On the top end, they might reach as much as $8000 per carat. Compare it to a diamond and it might seem like a cheap stone but compare it with a sodalite and it may seem like the most expensive stone.

Is Tsavorite more expensive than emerald?

Tsavorite starts at $5000 per carat, but an emerald usually starts from $11,000 per carat. On the surface, the difference might not be much but going on to the higher-quality emeralds, they might be as expensive as the 18.04-carat Emerald purchased by John D. Rockefeller, which cost him $305,000 per carat.

Hence, even though Tsavorites are rarer, they are not as expensive as emeralds. If the rarity factor becomes more apparent in the future, their monetary value may go up.

Is Tsavorite the same as green garnet?

Although Tsavorites belong to the garnet family we can’t say that all green garnets are Tsavorites. As mentioned, Tsavorite belongs to the grossular family of the garnets. These terms might not be common for a buyer but it is a difference maker for the gemologists. Green garnets contain 3 families – Grossulars, Andradite, and Uvavorite. While we can say that all Tsavorites are green garnets, the same cannot be said about green garnets.

While choosing from the extensive family of green gemstones, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of their distinguished features. From clarity to a carat weight, each factor can alter your decision.

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