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What is a Sapphire Eternity Band: Key Features You Need to Know Before You Buy

So you are planning on getting an eternity ring, but you want to know what is a sapphire eternity band. Are they worth it?

A sapphire eternity band is a ring that represents exactly what it says – eternity – love that lasts for all time. Sapphire eternity bands are often received as a gift to celebrate a marriage milestone, or other occasions such as celebrating the arrival of a newborn child, renewal of wedding vows, or even a major purchase, such as a home.

A sapphire eternity band is almost always a simple piece of jewelry that will seamlessly complement your existing wedding band and engagement ring, and will likely feature a set of sapphires or diamonds, or both combined. Many people like the look of a sapphire and diamond eternity band.

What is the purpose of an eternity band?

The eternity band holds a profound symbolism that extends far beyond its ornamental charm. Traditionally, it represents the infinity of love, commitment, and the promise of eternal togetherness.

Comprising a continuous line of identically cut gemstones—usually diamonds—around the entirety of the band, it serves as a sublime metaphor of unbroken and everlasting love.

This circular motif, free of a beginning or an end, mirrors the timeless nature of deep bond shared by a couple, making it an ideal choice for milestone anniversaries, vow renewals, or an eloquent statement of enduring affection.

What stone should an eternity ring be?

The choice of stone for an eternity ring largely depends on personal preference, aesthetics, and budget. Traditionally, diamonds are the most popular choice given their durability and timeless appeal. However today, we are looking into Sapphire eternity bands

However, other precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are also commonly used. Their vibrant colors and unique properties can add a personal touch to these symbolic pieces of jewelry.

It’s important to note that because eternity rings are often worn daily, choosing a stone with a high degree of hardness ensures the ring’s longevity. Regardless of the stone selected, the continuous circle of gems in an eternity ring serves as a beautiful symbol of ceaseless love and commitment.

Why do you give someone an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is gifted as an emblem of unending love and affection, making it an ideal present for significant milestones in a relationship. It isn’t confined to a wedding or engagement ring; instead, it can be given on various occasions to celebrate enduring commitment.

For instance, it’s common for husbands to give their wives eternity rings on their first wedding anniversary, or upon the birth of their first child, as a testament to their lasting love and to commemorate these pivotal moments in their lives together.

Similarly, it can also be given on milestone anniversaries, such as the 10th or 25th, to serve as a precious reminder of the wonderful years spent together and the promise of many more to come. An eternity ring is more than just a piece of jewelry, it’s a romantic gesture that carries a timeless message of love and commitment.

Its circular design, adorned with a continuous line of gemstones, symbolizes a love that is eternal, transcending the boundaries of time. It perfectly encapsulates the sentiment that love isn’t merely about a specific moment or event, but a journey that you embark on together, celebrating every step along the way.

Therefore, to give someone an eternity ring is to give them a symbol of your infinite love, a token that reflects both your past memories and future promises.

Best color sapphire eternity band?

The most traditional color for a sapphire eternity band is blue. Deep blue hues are a beautiful addition to your bridal ring set (engagement ring, wedding band). Blue sapphire goes particularly well with any shade of gold or silver and will complement any existing stones on your ring set.

Pink sapphires are growing in use and popularity for eternity bands. Pink sapphires also go well with any shade of gold or silver, and will also pop nicely if you choose to use rose gold.

What shape sapphire is best for an eternity band?

Either round or oval is best, followed by a square cut. Be sure to use the same cut shape throughout the entire sapphire eternity band to ensure a classic look.

What size sapphire is best for an eternity band?

Sapphire eternity bands are fine pieces of jewelry. It is best to stick to smaller sapphires to avoid distraction from the other rings of the marriage set. The last thing you want is for your sapphire eternity band to take the focus from your beautiful engagement ring centre stone.

Ideally, sapphires of 2mm to 6mm in size are best for an eternity band.

How expensive is a sapphire eternity band?

Given the sapphire used in an eternity band are much smaller than centerpiece stones, you can find these sapphires are less expensive than those larger stones used in engagement rings.

If you choose to add diamonds to your sapphire eternity band, the price will continue to rise.

Some people also like the whole band to be covered in stones, whereas others really only like the top part of the band covered with stones. This is entirely your call, and there is no right or wrong way. The benefits of only partially covered eternity bands are that it is easier to resize the ring if needed, and reduced costs in terms of having fewer stones covering the band.

You should be able to find sapphire eternity bands online from $1,000 to $2,000 at the lower end and $10,000+ at the higher end of town.

What is a sapphire eternity band? It’s a stunning piece to add to your existing bridal ring set, and a strong symbolic ring to show your love and long-term commitment to your loved one.

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