Are Pink Sapphires Expensive: The Best Features That Make Them so Valuable

Sapphires are most commonly thought to be blue, but they can also be found in several colors like pink, green, yellow, and white. Today, we are going to talk specifically about pink sapphires, how much they are worth, and how to identify their value. There are many beautiful sapphire gemstones available but the range of colors that comes with pink is gorgeous.

You can find pink sapphires in various blends like purple with pink and orange with pink. Pink sapphires belong to the corundum family of minerals, and derive their colour from minerals such as iron, titanium, magnesium, copper, and chromium. The brilliant tint of pink in these gemstones depends on the chromium content in the sapphire. A high level of chromium gives the sapphire a deep pink hue.

What are pink sapphires worth?

The value of pink sapphires depends on the four C’s – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.  In the case of pink sapphires, while you do need to pay attention to all the four C’s, Color and Carat carry more value than the other two. 

The color and clarity of pink sapphire are essential factors to consider. Remember to check how reflective and clear the color is. Do you want a deeper pink or a lighter, more fluorescent pink? Communicate this with your jeweler before you decide to buy a specific gemstone.

Whether pink sapphires are expensive depends on the occasion you’re buying one for. You can go all out with a 5-carat gemstone, or if you’re on a budget, you can stick with a lighter carat weight. Depending on various factors pink sapphires may seem expensive, however, the best part about buying them is that you can have plenty of buffer when figuring out a budget for your next sapphire purchase.

Are pink sapphires rare?

Pink sapphires were believed to be extremely rare up until some new deposits were found in Madagascar in the 1990s. This made it possible for pink sapphires to be available in a higher quantity today.

The color, clarity, carat, and cut of the sapphire determine its overall value. Keeping that in mind, pink sapphires can be worth as low as $2000 or as high as $20,000 per carat. For instance, the 5.81-carat oval-shaped cushion pink sapphire at James Allen costs $35,760.

Are pink sapphires cheaper than blue sapphires?

The price of pink sapphire in comparison with blue sapphire depends on the color intensity, transparency of the stone, color distribution, and saturation. Deeper and highly saturated shades of pink and blue are likely to cost more than lighter tints. Typically, if you choose to buy lighter pastel shades in pink sapphire, it will be considerably cheaper than blue.

Why is pink sapphire so expensive?

Pink sapphire owes its high value to the rarity that is often associated with it. They can only be found in a few places around the world like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and East Africa. Before new deposits were discovered in the 1990s, pink sapphire was a scarcely available gemstone. This led to a rise in demand as well as cost.

What color are the most expensive sapphires?

Sapphire is a highly valuable gemstone in general, but some sapphire colors are more expensive than others. Excluding red sapphire (aka Ruby), at the top of this list is the blue sapphire, specifically, the Kashmir Sapphire or Cornflower Blue Sapphire. Then there’s the most precious pink sapphire which is the Padparadscha sapphire with an orange and pink hue.

Another sapphire high up in terms of pricing is the Color Changing Sapphire. It changes color depending on the way light hits the gemstone. For example, in natural light, the sapphire appears to be blue, whereas, in artificial light, its color changes to violet.

So yes, pink sapphires are very expensive due to their rarity and beauty.