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Emerald vs Jade: Exploring the Differences

Emeralds and jade are two of the most beautiful stones in the world. They have been popular since ancient times, representing wealth, power, and status.

But what makes these two stones so special? Let’s dive into the differences between emerald and jade to find out what sets them apart.

What is the difference between Jade and Emerald?

The first major difference between emeralds and jades is where they originate from. Emeralds come from the mineral beryl, which is found in rocks around the world, including Brazil, Columbia, India, Madagascar and Pakistan.

Jade is formed from two minerals – nephrite and jadeite – which can be mined in places like China, Australia, Guatemala, Russia and Canada.

Jade vs Emerald Color

The first thing that many people notice about emeralds is their stunning green color. Emeralds have a deep, vibrant hue that can range from bright blue-green to olive-green. They often contain inclusions or flaws which many experts believe adds character and depth to the stone.

Jade also has a beautiful green hue; however, it can also come in shades of orange, yellow, white, black, or blue. Both emeralds and jade are very durable stones; however, emerald is slightly harder than jade with a rating of 7.5 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness compared to 6.5-7 for jade.

Treatment and Pricing

Another major difference between jade and emeralds is how they are treated by gemologists before they’re presented for sale on the market. Most natural emeralds require some kind of treatment before they can be sold because few emerge without any visible imperfections or flaws. The most common treatment for natural emeralds is oiling which helps fill in cracks or chips in order to stabilize them for sale. On the other hand, jade does not usually need much treatment as it occurs naturally without too many flaws or imperfections.

Emerald is significantly more expensive than jade due to its rarity, color, and elegance.

How much is an Emerald?

A 1 carat emerald with little to no inclusions can cost anywhere from $10,000 per carat and upwards. It will be so hard to find a flawless natural emerald that it is no wonder they are so expensive

A 1 carat natural emerald with inclusions may cost $4,000 per carat and upwards.

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How much is Jade?

Generally speaking though, you can expect to pay about $2-$6 per carat for jade. These prices can vary based on quality though so always check with your jeweler before making a purchase!

Emeralds and jade may share similar colors but they differ greatly when it comes to appearance, hardness, treatment requirements, and pricing on the market today!

Despite these differences, both of these gorgeous gems remain incredibly popular among jewelry enthusiasts around the world due to their beauty, durability, rarity, and rich history!

Whether you choose an emerald or a piece of jade for your collection is entirely up to your personal preference – but no matter which one you choose you can rest assured that both will add timeless elegance to any look!

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