Is Aquamarine Expensive? Factors that Make this Stone Popular

So you’ve seen Meghan Markle’s aquamarine cocktail ring and you want one for yourself! But you want to know – is aquamarine expensive? Is it more expensive than sapphire and topaz?

Like any gemstone, there are several factors that determine the value of aquamarines, such as clarity and size, however, it is colour that has the biggest impact on value. Aquamarine only comes in blue, however, there are different shades of blue available to purchase.  The more vibrant the colour often coincides with a higher price tag.

Aquamarine is relatively abundant and found all around the world. Due to the abundance and larger cut size compared to sapphire, rubies and diamonds, aquamarine is generally much less expensive per carat than those other gemstones.

Vibrant blue aquamarine is quite rare and beautiful and can seek high prices, however most aquamarine is generally available to purchase for anywhere from $100 to $250 per carat.

However, the different ranges of blue hues can impact the value of the aquamarine. For example, a very pale and light aquamarine can be purchased for $100 per carat, whereas a vibrant, electric blue aquamarine can fetch $250 per carat and upwards depending on the size.

If an aquamarine is too pale, it can be heated to bring out more vibrancy in its colour and fetch higher prices.

Is Aquamarine more expensive than sapphire?

No. Aquamarine is far less expensive than blue sapphire. Where a stunning vibrant blue aquamarine gem may fetch prices of $250+ per carat, a sapphire of similar blue hue, cornflower blue, these beauties can fetch anywhere from $2,500 per carat to $6,000 per carat. A key thing to remember is that aquamarine is more available in larger pieces, say up to 10-15 carats. So it may cost you $2,500 to $4,000. The same spend on a sapphire may only get you a stone that is 1-2 carats in size, so substantially smaller.

Is aquamarine more expensive than blue topaz?

Yes. In general, aquamarine is more expensive than blue topaz. Aquamarine and Topaz are far more likely to be confused with each other by the naked eye. Their colour, cut and size is very similar however aquamarine is more likely to attract higher prices due to its popularity. Where topaz fetches between $10 to $30 per carat, aquamarine of similar colour and size will cost $250+ per carat.